A Shout Out to an I-Tal Hempwick Fan!!

I-Tal Hempwick would like to big up CB, a conscious youth and artist hailing all the way from Toronto, Canada. This I-Tal Hempwick fan has the following to say about our wicks:


I have been using the hemp wick for 2 years straight an have been influencing everybody to use it whenever I come across someone who ask me what it is, I love spreading the word to save peoples lungs, I have gotten everyone I know an smokes to use it now like its a trend, I do it cause I hate lighters, I haven’t used a lighter since I used the hemp wick, it helps my lungs an makes me feel cleaner without smoking with lighter gas… I thank your company for making these.”


Give thanks CB, and continue to enjoy burning clean & green with I-Tal Hempwick!

Below is one of CB’s music videoes, “Spaced Out.” Check it!