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The I-tal Hemp Wick Story…..

I-tal Hemp Wick is a Grass Roots, family ran business, started in 2001 with humble beginnings on the Big Island of Hawaii. The I-tal Hemp Wick was started in our Kitchen, then Garage using only Big Island Beeswax and pure hemp twine. As demand for the product grew, so did the company.

We stared selling the I-tal Hemp Wick first on the Big Island, Hawaii at only one retail store, Conscious Riddims Records. They were our first retailer and still one of our strongest supporters. I-tal Hemp Wick was sold there for over 5 years starting in 2003, before it was ever brought to the wider market. The I-tal Hemp Wick is now in over 3,000 retail stores worldwide!

So when using and purchasing the I-tal Hemp Wick be assured the proceeds are going to good causes and good people, supporting families, farmers and, loving, conscious people as well as various Rastafarian communities world wide.

Ital Hemp Wick Family,
Aloha and JAH bless



Before the beginning of recorded history, Hemp Wick lighters played a major role in many different cultures. They served as candles and candle like devices, and also served many other uses that are still around today, such as pipe lighters. Basically, Hemp Wick lighters served as people’s primary source of light and heat for centuries, before the discovery and implementation of electric light.

The first people recorded to have used Hemp Wicks are the ancient Egyptians, as the letter “H” was represented by a picture of a Hemp Wick in Egyptian hieroglyphics. This simple yet profound symbol of our modern day lighters can be located on ancient walls, clay tables, and jewelry throughout Egypt. In the Ancient times, beeswax secreted by honeybees came into use. It was easy to see right away why these beeswax candles were superior to the previously used candles. Native and indigenous people around the globe have know the benefits of the use of wicks.

These beeswax candles not only burned pure and clean, they also did not produce a smoky flame or emit a bitter odor when burned. Thanks to a new era in awareness and consciousness it makes it extremely easy for everyone to enjoy the benefits of using these all-natural and organic hemp products. Visit the ABOUT US page to learn the history of the I-tal Hemp Wick… a Modern return to an ancient resource.