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What is I-tal Hemp Wick…

I-tal Hemp Wick is a natural alternative flame source to butane lighters and matches.
I-tal Hemp Wick is made using only 100% organic hemp twine, carefully cured with 100% natural, organic beeswax.
I-tal Hemp Wick is used as a flame source, to light the smoking product of your choice. Users will notice a full flavor their smoke.

Whether you choose to smoke fine cigars or medicinal herbs you will Love the benifits of the original I-tal Hemp Wick:


* Our smoking hemp twines (a.k.a. strings and wicks)
   is healthier for the earth and for you

* Our I-Tal Hemp Wick’s
are made from 100% all natural hemp and
100% organic beeswax… and is 100% biodegradable

* Our I-Tal Hemp Wick’s
eliminate foul tasting and unhealthy lighter fumes,
like those produced by traditional lighters

* Our I-Tal Hemp Wick’s
provide a clean burnning flame (no chemical tastes)
for the smoking connoisseur

* Our I-Tal Hemp Wick’s
allow you to totally enjoy the full flavors of your favorite smoking blends

* Our I-Tal Hemp Wick’s
inherently prolong the life of your other lighters,
which reduces the amount of lighters being sent to landfills each year

* Our I-Tal Hemp Wick’s
can be used as a candle for repeated lighting of objects

* Our I-Tal Hemp Wick’s
are a must for all smoking connoisseurs and enthusiasts


I-Tal Hemp Wick is a multi-purpose product, made from two ancient renewable resources straight from the Earth.

1)Vegetable Garden Ties – the wax resists water and rot while the strength of hemp string holds firm.

2)Camping Light – the wick burns strong and can even tolerate rain.

3)Surf Board leash String – Our wicks have held up against salt water for years.

4) Outdoor Sports and camping –  Great flame for mulit use, holds up in damp weather, Surfers, Skaters, Snow    Boards, Skiers and more will love it!


How to use I-tal Hemp Wicks…(Watch the Video!)

1. First youll need a source of fire, usually a lighter. Candles are also great for multiple lightings.

2. Pull tight 3-4 inches of Hemp Wick, light with external flame source

3.  Tilt up and down to control flame size

4. Take a puff and enjoy the natural taste and health benefits!!

5. Extinguish your Hemp wick safely, making sure it is completely out,  and then tell your friends how much you love it!