Versitile and Sustainable: BEESWAX

Beeswax is the main material in honeycomb, the building blocks of beehives that store honey and house young bees. Like honey, beeswax is a valuable resource made by the incredible honey bee. Versatile and sustainable, beeswax has been coveted by humans for thousands of years. Ancient cultures used it for everything, from sealing boats, to making wax tablets and candles. Beeswax was so precious that it was even used as currency.

Today, one of beeswax’s many uses is coating our Ital Hemp Wicks. Hemp twine coated in beeswax is strong, water-resistant and burns smoothly. The burning beeswax also gives off a subtly sweet aroma for a chemical-free taste straight from Nature. No harmful butane fumes or lighters in landfills needed, just the perfect combination of hemp twine and beeswax.